Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Catch Up: {Summer Fun List: Cedar Point}

At the end of the summer we made a last minute trip to Cedar Point so we could mark that off of our Summer Fun List. Most kids were back in school so the park wasn't too crowded.
While Daddy took the older two on one of the big roller coasters I took the little ones to a show. Cuddlebug absolutely loved it and I'm pretty sure we could of just stayed here all day and she would have been totally content.
There were hardly any kids there so Cuddlebug got all the characters pretty much to herself for the "Dance Party". She thought this was just the best thing ever. She absolutely loves characters and when at Disney your time is always so limited with them.

We finally joined back up and it was time for the Jr. Gemini. Always the first Cedar Point coaster that each kid rides to break them in.
Curly Bear is in the very front while Cuddlebug and Daddy are a little farther back. Everyone loved it.
There are the older two. I feel like most of the pictures are of the little ones since I was with them with the camera most of the day while Daddy had the older ones on the bigger rides.
Here is B.W. walking back after riding the big swings. He probably didn't need to take his tennis shoes off......but you can never be too careful I suppose.
Lovebird finally gets to get in on the ride action. This is seriously one of the only rides she was allowed to ride. She loved it!
B.W. was a great big brother and rode with Cuddlebug so Daddy could take pictures.
And then Curly Bear took up the rear in the caboose. It was a fun and relaxing day. By the end the big kids had rode the Gemini, the Iron Dragon, the Coal Mine ride, and the Blue Streak. They also rode the Woodstock Express along with Mommy and Cuddlebug. By next summer I bet some even bigger coasters will be added to the list.

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