Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Super Bowl Fun

So we normally don't watch the Super Bowl and if we do it's only for the commercials. The only team we follow is Green Bay because if we don't my dad will not speak to us. Yes, my family is the REAL kind of packer fans. Not the kind of fans that only watch and wear green and yellow when the team is looking good but the kind who are die hards to the end. When I was little I used to get my dad and my grandpa going when I would say I liked the Lions merely for the fact they had pretty blue uniforms. So because Green Bay made it to the Super Bowl we would most definitely be watching. Despite the adults in the house not feeling well we still had a great time.

The kids were all decked out in their Packer gear. Cheeseheads included.

Is this not the cutest cheerleader ever? We were elated the Packers won and of course it was in usual Green Bay fashion of a nail biter to the end. They can't do it any other way. Those true Packer fans know exactly what I'm talking about. I almost let the kids have Monday off of school because the Packers winning the Super Bowl is equivalent to a National holiday in my family!

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