Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day of Activities

When we were at the cottage we had so much fun. On Tuesday we did morning school and then headed out to have some fun. I wasn't sure how things would go taking 3 kids to the "go-cart" place all by myself.
I was so proud of L for driving a go cart by herself again. Earlier in the summer she had bumped into another car and it had scared her a little bit but as always she tries, tries, tries again.
B was all into racing L.
L on the other hand was not into racing and was lapped a couple of times. I was talking with the guy running the go-carts and he commented on L being so cautious. I told him that she was our cautious driver while B was our crazy driver. As soon as I said that B clipped the back of L's cart as he was passing her. My point proven.
We also played mini golf. It went fairly well but next time I won't try to play too and just focus on helping the kids. I ended up skipping most holes since H had a death grip on my golf ball. It kept her quiet so I didn't push the matter.

Then it was off to lunch at House of Flavors. The kids were great and H was very independent with her ice cream.

We then walked out to the lighthouse before heading back to the cottage.

Later we headed to the State Park and did afternoon school on the beach and relaxed. Then it was home for dinner and of course baths. The kids were exhausted. Mommy was too!

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