Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ten Feet Ahead and Going Back in Time

So we are in our sixth week of school already and I don't know how. The last six weeks have been super busy and super fun. We've started a new school year, gone to the cottage, went to class reunions, had family visit, and have squeezed in a ton of fun family nights. A couple of weeks ago I felt like I was trying to tread water and barely staying afloat. In the last week I've started doing Flylady again. I tried doing this a while ago when we had only one child and we lived in a small apartment. In that season of life it seemed unnecessary to me since I could clean the whole apartment in no time. Fast forward to three kids, one big house, and homeschooling.... Let's just say I completely think this is necessary now!!! It has relieved some stress and instead of feeling like I'm barely staying afloat I now feel as though I'm about ten feet ahead of a shark chasing me. Hey, I'm ahead!!! However, if I take a moment to rest I will be done for! I also know that if I keep going that ten feet will turn into fifteen and then twenty. I feel as though I'm "behind" on blogging too. So I've decided to start fresh today and then I'll catch up over the next couple of weeks. I blog because I was getting so far behind in scrapbooking and now look, I'm behind in blogging! Oh, did I also mention I'm crazy! Today we went on a field trip to Pioneer Land. That doesn't sound so crazy does it? Did I forget to mention that it was freezing and rainy and I was babysitting cute little O which meant I had TWO babies in tow. Thankfully all those homeschooling mommies love holding babies!
Here is H smiling. She looks so obedient doesn't she? I didn't get a picture of her going crazy because she can't stand the cold. I was holding two babies and didn't have a free hand!
B loved this field trip. The blacksmith was so cool to watch. Since Little House on the Prairie is the kids favorite show(and one of the only one's they watch) it made everything even more interesting. L enjoyed it too but she is just like her mommy and when she gets cold she gets tired immediately.
After two of the demonstrations the girls were done. I was so thankful that one of the other moms said she would keep an eye on B in the other two demonstrations while another friend said she could bring him home. L was sad she had to miss the rest of the fun but a special treat from McDonald's did the trick. The heat in the van helped change her mind too.
This picture of little O sums up all the girls feelings about coming back to a warm house earlier than we were suppose to. Another fun day of learning!

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  1. So glad you're feeling in the schooling groove again. Summer can throw a curve into your whole lifestyle can't it?

    I just looked the flylady up right before we temporarily moved to Indy. I will definitely be looking her up when we get home again. My house should thank me for it.

    I also wondered if I knew who cute little O was. Now I know I do. Thanks for the pic of her.