Friday, September 26, 2014

Remembering A Great Man of God

                                                                    Oct. 2013

We decided to head to southern California for Pastor Chuck Smith's Memorial service.  We brought the whole family out including a babysitter to stay with the little ones back at the hotel.  We knew the service would be long and we would have to be there hours before it started so we figured everyone would enjoy themselves more if they could get to bed on time.  B.W. and Curly Bear came with us to the service.  It was incredible to see all the people lined up hours before the doors opened.
It was an incredible service and we were so glad we went!  There was great worship, great Pastor Chuck stories, and we got to hear Jon Courson in person which we were so excited about.
Cuddlebug had been begging us to get her a "Pastor Chuck" bible like Daddy, Mommy, and the big kids have.  I was a tad hesitant because she wasn't reading yet but daddy said what a better souvenir for the trip could you possibly get!  Here she is with her bible after we had her name inscribed in it.  She was so excited!!!

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