Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fathers Day

In this last month and a half Josh's character and standing on Biblical principle has never been more evident. So here are seven reasons why I love my husband. There are MANY more!!!!
1. Following the Lord and His Word is the most important.
2. He is the best spiritual leader a family could ask for. 
3. He never takes credit for his accomplishments but always gives credit to Him that has gifted him. It astounds me the companies that seek out this small town Indiana boy.. In less than 24 hours a leading financial company, another big name company, and a couple others were trying to convince him that they were a part of our next season.
4. He always does what's best for his family even when that means turning down opportunities that some would take great pride in. Moving our family to New York is not the best thing right now so there was no question about where the next season would take us.
5. He has a drive to carry out what God has called us to do to enable us to do the ministry He's called us to and nothing can stop that.
6. Even in the most stressful moments in these last 6 weeks he continually reminds me of Gods goodness and provision. Sometimes I really didn't want to hear it but in the end I always knew he spoke Truth.
7. He loves our kids and loves spending time as a family. I love that he doesn't think we have a large family yet.. Or I should say I love the looks on other peoples faces when he tells them that we hope to have a large family. I guess most consider 5 as large.

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