Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our Furry Children

So we have dealt with a little jealousy in our house over the new baby.  Gershom does not know what to think of the new baby.  When she cries he does his pug head tilt, goes and checks her out, and then starts getting panicky until she stops.  He has been in his crate quite a bit these last few days for the mere fact that he is my constant shadow and I really don't feel like having a dog right next to me breathing on me.  After our walk we let him stay out for awhile and check out Ladybug.  He did really well.  However, when I had to nurse her and I kicked him off the chair I was sitting on he proceeded to lie on the floor and scowl.  Mosheh doesn't mind the new baby at all and knows that this guarantees more years of a little one throwing food off of their high chair tray to him waiting beneath.  He is a glass is half full kind of dog.

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