Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Week of FUN

So we are enjoying our relaxed days and lots of fun is being had. Prince Charming is doing a fairly good job at relaxing and not working and so am I. I REALLY need to get some school stuff done but am trying to wait until the weekend. We are not sit around and do nothing kind of people so I know that saying "no work allowed" means just a little work.
Cuddlebug chose "the doughnut factory" for her breakfast out with daddy.
Curly Bear chose McDonald's.  Considering this one loves her fresh foods she has quite the addiction to McDonald's breakfast.  Not quite sure why.
We went on a family walk.  It was actually the first time we have been on the trails all summer.  The dogs loved it as did the kids.  Ladybug stayed awake the whole time and looked all around.

Daddy got a great work out pushing the double stroller up all those hills.  It was beautiful weather for a walk!

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