Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Prince Charming!!!!

Happy Birthday Prince Charming!!!

The Birthday Buddies.

So I had been planning Prince Charming's cake for over a month. I was then thrown a curve ball when he went to go work for one of the company's represented and I had second thoughts. Now his favorite hobby was his career. I still went with the idea in the end. He did make a comment jokingly about me making him a great work cake which almost resulted in him being punched. Considering I had very little sleep I wasn't quite in the joking mood. Even though it took me about twice as long as I had planned I was happy with the end result. I did have a panic moment when the grey frosting looked rather lavender but as soon as I put the black accents on it looked grey. Praise the Lord! I didn't want another "2009 Pink Car" incident!!!

After we had family over for cake we headed to Indy to have an early dinner at Don Pablo's which was followed by some shopping. It turned into window shopping considering we had all the kids with us. Prince Charming actually likes to shop. Maybe a tad too much. But when we have the kids in tow we always seem to be done MUCH sooner. Our kids are absolutely wonderful out in public but between maneuvering the stroller and making sure we aren't missing anybody it just seems to be exhausting. We will definitely be going back to Keystone when we are down in Indy for the homeschool conference in June. It was a wonderful day!

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