Sunday, March 27, 2011

Birthday Bash 2011: Day 2

So having two birthdays back to back is completely fun and absolutely exhausting. We try to focus on the fun aspect of it and then plan on resting the full week after to recuperate.
Cuddlebug chose McDonald's for her birthday lunch out. Not the fanciest choice but it could always be worse......Chuckee Cheese! We then headed to the Curious Kids Museum.
We daydreamed about our upcoming beach nights as we looked over the bluff. Come on summer!!!!
Cuddlebug took a few minutes to take it all in and then she started in on the fun. Apple picking is always a favorite.
Lovebird looked a little envious of all the fun that was going on. As soon as this one is walking there will be no stopping her!
There was much building going on at the earthquake tables.
So I don't think I would stay in a building built by Cuddlebug if it was in an earthquake zone.
B.W. on the other hand was on to some structural sound engineering.
The big bubble was a hit as usual. Cuddlebug wanted so bad to try this but would get scared every time the bubble started to go up around her. Maybe next time.
Cuddlebug doing some serious work on the computer. Some screen came up and it had the words "Warning" and "NASA" in it. Whoops!!!!

The Braille typewriter was another favorite for the older kids.
Cuddlebug treating B.W. in the back of the ambulance. Not quite sure why he is getting a shot in his chest. Her mischievous smile is a little concerning to me.
After the museum it was back home so we could get ready for people to came over for cake. This Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake has been talked about for the last six months. The actual making of all the pieces for the cake was easy but getting everything balanced and structurally sound was a challenge. I literally finished this cake as Cuddlebug was coming down the stairs. I barely made it.
She did a great job at blowing out her candles. All that practicing at our Shabbat dinners paid off. We then opened gifts and then all the kids were sent to bed. Everyone was so exhausted. Another fun Birthday Bash completed!

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