Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere and isn't it Amazing!

On Monday I decided to take the kids to a splashpad since it was finally hot out. Yes I know it is the middle of August and please don't remind me. B decided which one but when we arrived geese had decided to use the splashpad as their own personal restroom. Yuck! So we piled back in the van and set out for another one. The water wasn't running so I had B jump out and see if it would turn on. Nada. We were then told that it wouldn't come on until noon. I really didn't want to wait around for an hour so we headed home to inflate all the water toys instead.

B was in charge of the hose.

We have two rules about the sandbox and here the girls are breaking both of them.

#1: Keep the sand in the sandbox.


The kids had a lot of fun using the pool slide.

H enjoyed her private pool with .5" in it. It was basically a playpen with a cupful of water in it. But she felt like a big kid which keeps her occupied.

Then it was a picnic lunch. H wanted so bad to sit with the big kids and she was using every muscle to be able to sit and eat without falling backwards. The older two played in the pools for 8 hours! Definitely worth the time of blowing them up!

Now the day was pretty much perfect but is it not amazing how fast things can go from perfect to chaos when dealing with kids!!!

While the kids played in the pools I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to give the dog a bath. Mosheh isn't real fond of baths but like with everything else he's not fond of (a.k.a a baby who loves to pull his tail, ears, feet, etc) he tolerates it and then sulks for the next few hours. So things were going great until I asked L to give me the hose back so I could rinse the soap off the dog. H accidentally got sprayed in the face which led to instant screaming. As I reached for her Mosheh saw this as his perfect opportunity to get away and shake. So there I was covered in doggie soap suds trying to console H while using all my strength to get Mosheh back within hose shot distance. Our perfect moment turned into a three ring circus in about 30 seconds. I'm sure our neighbor was laughing uncontrollably. But then 15 minutes later I had one clean dog sulking on the deck and three kids happily eating their lunch. Ahhh the perfect moment returned.......until H decided she wanted B's food and not her own.

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