Friday, August 14, 2009

Adventurous Beach Day 2009

So it has become a new tradition to have at least one adventurous Beach Day. We have Family Beach Night every Tuesday and it normally is made up of laying out, relaxing, kids swimming, and piles of sand in the van afterwards. But on Adventure Beach Day there isn't much resting going on. We hadn't planned on going on an adventure but just like it happened last year it was chosen for us. I guess a planned adventure isn't as much fun anyway. Last year we had promised the kids a trip down the creek to find the clay and all the way there B was asking to do it. Once we got there and saw it was a red flag day and the waves were crazy I had no choice.

J wanted to do it as much as B did.

This looks like a great big brother helping his little sister when in reality it was a fearless little sister helping her big brother who was unsure about walking through the stream that you couldn't see the bottom of. Mommy wasn't all that thrilled about this part either. It's shallow here but it got up to B's waist.

H wasn't quite sure why we were MAKING ourselves dirty on purpose.

The fierce O females.

OK I said fierce. That looks more like sweet and angelic.

Much better!!!

There is that fierce H look.

OK I have no idea what kind of look this is.

B wanted Star Wars written on his back.
I would like to point out that J was the one who was all about Adventure Beach Day but did he decorate himself in clay? I'm not sure if I would call the quarter size circle on his arm decorated.

After we made it back to the beach we let the kids run away from the waves. They were huge! I think we may start doing more Adventure Beach Days. They are always our favorites.

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