Saturday, November 1, 2008

We Finally Found it!!!

So every year we go back and forth on what to do for Halloween. This year we decided to go to a farm where they had all kinds of things to do. The great thing was that in the Farm corn maze they were giving candy at each of the checkpoints. The kids got a little bit of candy and we had a great time searching for it. We let the kids pick out a hat to wear but we didn't do costumes. Liah really wanted to wear her fairy wings as well.

After we were done finding all the candy we tried one of the harder mazes. It was a Trivia maze and we did Bible trivia. It was a lot of fun but the kids got tired and a tad frustrated in the middle so we never went through all the checkpoints. Josh found our way out.

Another dead end.

"Daddy please get us out of here."

Everyone enjoyed the hay ride around the farm and through the corn.

We got to see many animals in the barn.

The kids had fun on the Cow Train. I was thinking that Blake might think this was boring but once they started going over the hills he was loving it.

The boys enjoyed racing on the pedal cars.
Blake flew up the hay stack.

Liah took a little longer.

There were also pony rides.

Hannah wasn't sure what to think of the pony. While this did cost a little money it was the best alternative we have ever found. I completely forgot it was even Halloween! It was such a fun time with the kids and Josh's word to describe it was "wholesome". Hopefully the weather will be just as nice next year and we can bring some friends.

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