Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fast Forward Overview

Time is flying by so fast and I have not been doing good keeping up with blogging so here is a quick overview up to Thanksgiving.
We found out Hannah was not gaining weight and actually had lost some so we started supplementing with formula and she is back to her happy, cheery self. No one is too happy when they are hungry all the time. She never was really fussy but had become VERY attached to me. She had an abdominal x-ray as well but everything came back normal so now we wait to see how much she has gained by the end of December. She is definitely feeling heavier but I think she will just always be on the petite side.

Josh went to San Francisco for a week and Hannah thought she would make a great stow away.

As soon as there was enough snow on the ground the kids were out sledding on our hill.

That hill doesn't seem so big until you try to walk up it with all your snow gear on.

Hannah isn't at all impressed by the snow and the cold. She's ready to move to Florida. I'm right there with her!

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