Monday, November 3, 2008

This Little Thing Called Faith

"Mom, How do we know that we aren't bad?" This was the question posed by Blake that started an ongoing conversation. It took me about 20 minutes to understand exactly what he was asking and to be honest I still don't think I completely understand where he was going with this question. We had just finished reading our Psalm for the day and getting ready to do the Revelation study when this surfaced. It was the moment when Blake first questioned what Mommy and Daddy believe and how do we know that we have the Way and others don't. Now Blake was so cute in reiterating that he knows God is who He says He is and that the Bible is Gods word but he just wanted to know how we can be sure. It's one of those questions that seems so easy and so hard to answer all at the same time. The answer is one little word with such a big meaning-Faith.

Faith is such a big word to understand because it is so simple. Faith is believing in what you can not see but I think it goes so much deeper. One area in my life where this little faith word comes up a lot is healing. How does some one's faith and healing go together? I've been taught many different views on this and to be honest don't think I'll ever comprehend it or have ever heard a balanced view on it. You have those who pray "If it's Gods will be healed." and then you have those that say, "Jesus already obtained your healing on the cross and you just have to have Faith and ask." Do I think God wishes for His children to be healed spiritually,physically, and mentally? Yes. Do I think that if someone doesn't see healing in the way they thought it would happen or if something bad happens it's due to their lack of faith? No.

So I cling to the fact that God's plan is always perfect even though we might never be able to comprehend it. I recently heard a teaching that said Faith is Shalom or peace. No matter what happens in this World I know that God will always provide my family with what we need. That is my peace and I pray that it will be the Faith of my children.

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