Monday, October 20, 2008

Chicken Pox and a trip to the Dentist

So we think that Blake and Liah had a minor case of the Chicken Pox. It wasn't bad and they each had only about half a dozen spots. They DID have one vaccine. Hannah seems to have avoided it. She has NOT had the vaccine. Go figure!

All three kids had a trip to the dentist and all had good reports. Blake had no cavities and also had a pan x-ray and we found out he has all of his adult teeth. WOO HOO!! Because of everything I've gone through with my mouth this was a huge weight lifted off concerning Blake. We pray that we will eventually get the same report with all our kids.

Liah had no cavities and had the resin replaced on the tooth that she broke about a year ago while in the bathtub. I was told there were a few tears. Now I know nothing was hurting since the nerve was removed on that tooth but I think it was just anxiety about the first time.

Hannah also had a checkup and her little slivers of enamel in her gums are still there but she should be losing them soon. Just in time for real teething to begin!

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