Friday, September 5, 2008

The Ostrom Academy

So there are many things going on in a school day at The Ostrom Academy.

We are practicing our reading, writing, and math facts. We are studying the book of Revelation and reading through Psalms. We are learning about maps, our body, how to read music, and Spanish. We are learning about great artists and imitating their work along with composers.
Some are reviewing their alphabet and numbers and are so close to learning how to read in addition to some of the above mentioned activities.
While still some are learning to coo at themselves in a mirror and how to knock over a tower of stacking cups. Also learning what every toy possible tastes like and which ones are the best for chewing on is another important lesson that is close to being mastered.

You will never find a school quite like The Ostrom Academy. I've heard of others but they have their own specialties and focuses that aren't quite the same but yet are perfect for those students who attend there.

And as you can see in the top picture we here at the Ostrom Academy sometimes have pajama days. These are perfect for those rainy-can't go-outside sort of days and actually brings joy when we hear the rain hitting the windows as we wake up.

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  1. We love pajama days too!! I think it's part of why Megan wants to homeschool;-)