Thursday, September 4, 2008

Girls ONLY!!!

So last Thursday morning Blake, Josh, my dad, and brother in-law Bob headed up to Green Bay for the Packer game. Of course Blake always loves going to games but he seemed even more excited this time since it was just "The Guys". Liah was just as excited for two days of "GIRLS ONLY!!!" She got to plan out the two days and we had such a great time.
First we cleaned up the house quick and then Aunt Francie came over to drop off a late birthday present for Liah.

Then it was off for a game of tennis. Liah is getting quite good for a 4 year old. We got a lot of exercise running after all those balls.
The tennis outfit Liah is wearing was part of that late birthday present.
We read lots of library books over and over and over and over. I'm pretty sure I have a couple of them memorized. So if I ever need to recite "The Very Busy Spider" I'm in luck. We then took showers and Hannah had a bath and headed out for dinner.
Hacienda was the pick and we ate enough chips for a good couple of weeks.
Hannah was so good and enjoyed our evening just as much as Liah did. For dessert we went to the South Bend Chocolate Cafe. I think this was what Liah was most excited about. She knows that mommy comes here every other week to meet friends for a Bible Study so I think she felt as though this was a very adult thing to do. We enjoyed walking around looking at everything chocolate imaginable and then Liah picked a couple of chocolate covered pretzels and then got to play in the play place. She also picked out a pez dispenser for herself and one for Blake. We then went home and got in PJ's and then Liah got to fall asleep in Mommy's bed watching Finding Nemo.
The next morning we got up and made princess crowns.

We then got ready and went to lunch with Aunt Kayla at Applebee's and then did some shopping. We walked around DSW and looked at every pair of shoes they had and then headed to Old Navy and Target. Later that afternoon the boys came back and we got to hear all about the game. I can't wait for our next "GIRLS ONLY" day.

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I can't wait to have "girls only" days :) Hannah is getting so big in all of these pictures. You're doing a lot of blogging lately...I need to visit more often!

    Love, D

    P.S. Owen asked Jesus into his heart tonight with Daddy :)