Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Day so Far

So these are a couple of highlights of my day today:
1.)Was up four times last night with the girls. They were kind to not be up at the same time and went in five minute apart intervals. Just enough time to "just Doze" off.
2.)Served Breakfast
3.) Changed a diaper.
4.) Cleaned up an accident. Liah didn't run fast enough to the bathroom. This rarely happens.
5.) Gave Liah a bath. This was not in the plan but since she had urine all over it was necessary.
6.) Explained to a 7 year old that we don't always get to do fun things and headed him back to his desk to finish his subtraction problems.
7.) Did school with Liah and more with Blake.
8.)Put the baby down for a nap and jumped in the shower.
9.) Read books, books, and more books to Liah to keep her occupied while Blake finished his morning school work.
10.) Lunch
11.) Changed a diaper.
12.) Went for a walk....where Blake swallowed a bug and was spitting the last half and Liah fell and (barely) skinned her knee but she thought it may need a hospital visit.
13.) Liah asked for a green pepper for a snack. It looked not the freshest but smelled fine so she ate it.
14.) 20 minutes later was cleaning vomit off my foyer floor and the bottom of the stairs. So I guess the pepper wasn't good. Ooops! Liah is fine but the stairs may be another story. Josh is adamant about re carpeting the stairs instead of hardwood. You think this may change his mind? Probably not.
15.) Afternoon School. Well we're not quite finished. Blake has to do Music but I was hoping to get rid of my headache before he starts playing his recorder. What in the world was I thinking teaching him how to play the recorder?

I wonder what will happen after 3pm?

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