Monday, August 25, 2008

Please Lord give us good health.

This has been the prayer in the Ostrom house for the last couple of weeks. Blake and myself have been fighting off a nasty little stomach bug for a couple of weeks now. I think Blake is finally 100% and I'm on my way there. I'm hoping by Wednesday I will be completely back to normal. I thought we were on the mend and then Josh came home Friday from work not feeling well. The same thing, only it was the "man" version so maybe a little worst. So now we're praying hard that we are done with the stomach bugs. I also had to take Hannah in for a couple of abscesses on her gums. Now don't ask me how a baby with no teeth gets abscesses but she did. She is now on antibiotics as a precaution and she goes to see a dentist on Wednesday to find out exactly what they are and hopefully what is causing them. Also this weekend my grandpa had a heart attack and now we wait for a couple of days before he has bypass surgery.

We started school today. Things went well and I'll post more along with pics. soon.

So needless to say that all of our prayers include, "LORD GIVE US GOOD HEALTH!".


  1. I've bee wondering about you. We will pray for your health and also for your grandpa.

  2. Take care, Ostroms, and don't skimp on the Purell!