Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Blue is one of my favorite colors and is so calming to me. Blue and Brown is my new combination that I just love. Blake's room is done in blue and I'm planning on the exercise room being a pale, crisp blue as well when I get a chance to redo it. Josh and I just read that an exercise room in blue makes you workout harder than normal. We'll see!

Blake's dresser that I just refinished for him and his rocking chair that is getting a tad too small for him.
Bags of fresh picked blueberries ready for pies, pancakes, muffins, and the freezer. That is what we don't eat first. Our family has a serious blueberry addiction.
A "Dory" fish swimming on the kids bathroom wall

Our brand new powder blue sheets that have a home on our new mattress.
Some organizing containers on my desk.
And my favorite boy on a walk on the trails behind our house.


  1. You have a new mattress, I'm jealous!! Sorry, that was my aching back talking,heehee! We need to go blueberry picking this week too. How do you make room for other food with all the berries you put up in your freezer?!;-)

  2. Beautiful blues. I think my favorite are the blue berries. Yummmm. Don't think I'm going to make it to pick any this week though.