Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Weekly Tradition

So Josh wants to make a weekly trip to the beach and this week was the "First Weekly Ostrom Family Beach Trip". Josh and I would go to the beach all the time when we were dating and it was always a lot of fun. It is still a lot of fun but there is definitely more planning and more stuff to go along these days. This week we took a picnic dinner and ate on the beach so on top of all the beach gear we were also lugging the picnic basket and one trip. The kids had a great time.

Blake enjoyed continuing to dig in the huge hole that was left by some earlier beach goers.

Liah and Blake both have gotten over there fear of going to deep with waves and at one point Liah was up to her neck. Mommy about had a heart attack from shore. Next week we will definitely be packing the floaties.

Hannah started out rather fussy but then relaxed and had a great time.

These are kind of dark pictures but they are adorable.
Hannah had her first experience in the water. The water was cold but she loved it.
I think we are definitely going to need to get a shop vac. The sand in the van is going to be knee deep by the end of the summer.

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