Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not The Day I Had Planned

So yesterday both Liah and I were feeling under the weather. I got absolutely nothing accomplished. I don't know if it was a bug or if I was just plain run down. Around noon Liah was taking a nap and I felt like I had an ounce of energy so I ran down to switch laundry and try to get the kitchen cleaned up. Hannah of course started to cry as soon as I started working and I told Blake that she was going to have to cry for a few minutes until I was done. About ten minutes later I realized that it was very quiet so i ran upstairs to see if Hannah had fallen back asleep and this is what I found.
Blake is such a great helper. He definitely made yesterday much easier along with Josh who ran to get some pizzas for dinner so I didn't have to cook.


  1. Can I hear a big "hooray" for big brothers?!

    Thank you for the comment yesterday. I was so frustrated it turned into a mini migraine. Josh got home in time for me to use his keys to get to piano lessons and as soon as I got in the van, I found mine in the center glove-box. Josh had tossed them in there instead of in my purse and then forgot about them! Oops.

    I didn't do a very good job of letting go yesterday and the enemy had somewhat of a victory.
    Thank you Jesus for second chances! Today didn't go exactly as planned either, but it was a much better day anyway.

    How are you doing with the reading? I'm getting further behind, but I can still catch up if I weren't so lazy in the evenings after I put everyone to bed. Are you feeling any better? How can I pray for you tonight/tomorrow?

  2. I love it! You've been posting a lot lately! I'm going to have to be more faithful about checking. And the pics are fabulous! I'm up for going with or without kids. The patch is close enough, I could get a babysitter while we pick and talk and then go get them and go to a splash pad and for a picnic with them afterwards. What do you think? Owen might already be getting better: he ate more at lunch and it's 5:43 and his fever still isn't back, at least it doesn't feel like it! Love you!