Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Fun Day After a Stressful Week

So for this past week we've been going back and forth on when to purchase a new mini van. Our van has been terrific but it's getting to a point where it is needing work not to mention has lots of miles. So since we were in the car accident a couple of months ago we've been talking about this. We decided that we definitely wanted a Honda Odyssey but the problem was we couldn't find any good deals around here so we headed to Chicago. This last week has been filled with talking to dealers, getting loan preapproval, and on top of everything our van had to have the back two tires replaced just so we could make it home from the church on Tuesday. Special thanks to Noah Martin who noticed our tire going flat---again. The dealer that we were hopefully buying from didn't take trade ins which meant Josh and I would have to drive home in separate vehicles. So we crammed all the kids into the cavalier and headed on our mission

I think we are at Maximum capacity here. The kids were great but towards the end of our trip there we were definitely missing the space of the minivan. The minivan looked great so we bought it and then headed to do some shopping. We went to IKEA where we first had a very late lunch. The kids loved watching the movie Robots while we ate.

We bought just a couple of storage containers and then headed for Woodfield Mall for a special surprise for the kids. They were so good through all of the boring stuff that goes with buying a new vehicle I thought they deserved it.
The surprise was a trip to Rainforest Cafe for our special dessert that they would normally just get at Disney. They were very excited.
The favorite Volcano. I forgot to get a pic with the sparkler on top. This a great family treat to share. We still can't eat a whole one.

Hannah loved looking at all the fishies swimming by.
So did Blake and Liah. Liah still doesn't like when the thunder storm comes through but thankfully that only lasts a minute.
This was the aquarium favorite this trip and the kids loved trying to follow the eel around.
There was also a balloon guy who made them a snake and a flower to take home.
We then headed home with Josh and the kids in the new van and me in the car all by myself. I had a very quiet drive home. I'm not sure if Josh can say the same. It was a great day.


  1. Oh no! I suddenly feel SO guilty about just leaving on Tuesday. I didn't even think to wait and make sure that your van was ok. I'm so sorry! Were you stranded for long?
    YEAH for the new van though. I hope you guys are happy with it. We love ours. Noah has taken to reading the owners manual when we're out and about. I over heard him saying to Mason, don't you wish we could just drive whenever we wanted and not have to wait until we're older? This boy loves cars. I'm kinda hoping an Ikea trip is possible this weekend, but it will be just my luck that we'll be on the wrong side of Chicago dropping Mason back home.

  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes! It was a great day, very sweet and relaxing.
    Please pray . . . we anointed and prayed over the letter tonight and it goes out tomorrow. I want to spend Thursday - the day they should get it - in prayer and fasting.
    Thank you Dear!