Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Liah's New Favorite Activity and Her Curly Hair

. Liah is on this huge puzzle kick. This has been the perfect activity for her with the new baby. I love her "I'm going to do this myself." attitude. Liah is our strong willed child which when she was little was very frustrating and tiring but as she gets older has turned into such a blessing. She loves doing "school" and never gives up on anything. The puzzle above has 70 pieces and she did it all by herself. She loved the fact that the box said 5 and up and she's only 3.

And now about Liah's hair.......I really don't know what to do with it. In this pic. it's pretty tame but in high humidity it can get these tight "Shirley Temple" curls or somewhere in between. I'm also growing her bangs out and they are at that difficult stage. I can't wait to see her hair long with her curls which I do love by the way. It's just that I already spend so much time on her hair in the morning and if Hannah has the same curls I don't see how I'll ever get out of the house before noon again. If anyone who has curly hair has any suggestions please let me know?

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