Friday, April 25, 2008

4 weeks and special PJ's

I can't believe that Hannah Ilana is 4 weeks old already. She is already looking so much bigger to me and is definitely more alert. She is still a pretty content baby. She is also quite the cuddler. It is so weird that I was taking 4 week old pictures on her due date. As I look back I am so grateful she came early for about a million reasons. Things worked out so perfect.

The pajamas she is wearing is one of Josh's favorites for a very special reason. When Blake was born Josh's Grandma Elliott gave us a pack of pajamas that had many different colors...including pink. So the pink pairs were packed away in case we ever had a girl. When Liah was born I tried to put her in them but from the start she was too big. Her legs were too long. When I was getting clothes organized a couple of months ago I almost didn't even put these pajamas in the drawer since they are so small and meant for a baby with very short legs. Since Hannah was a month early and such a little peanut (with short, little legs) they fit her perfectly and the first time she wore them I thought of Grandma Elliott immediately. In May will be the one year anniversary of her going home to be with the Lord so it's nice that Hannah has a special present from Grandma Elliott that had never been worn by the other kids.

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