Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's a Baby Boom

So this was the week of babies. A friend of mine had a baby boy on the same day that I had Hannah. Anderson Windsor(Sp?) is adorable and yes marriage has already been discussed. This is Adam and Carrie's fourth child. This is so crazy to me. A year ago they adopted three children from Africa and I don't think ever thought they would be having a baby just a year later. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Adam and Carrie amaze me at how they have transitioned from being just the two of them to now a family of six. I hope Carrie doesn't get upset that I posted this pic. Considering she had a c-section just two days prior I think she looks amazing.
Two days after we were discharged from the hospital we were headed back. Another set of friends had a baby boy,Joshua Michael. Josh of course approved of the name. This is Tanya and Jeff's first. Joshua is also very adorable.

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