Monday, September 24, 2007

Blake: My Helper

Blake has always been a very compassionate and sensitive child. Today I was feeling a little worn down so I decided to sit for a moment and rest. I was checking my email when I felt my blood sugar drop and I immediately was very shaky. I went down to the kitchen in a panic to find something quick and easy to eat. After I grabbed my leftovers from yesterdays lunch and an apple I sat in the living room trying to not panic and relax. Blake came into the room and was wondering why I was eating and sleeping at the same time. I sat my head up and told him I wasn't feeling well and was just trying to relax. Blake then decided to try to make me laugh by doing a funny dance around the living room. He did take my mind off things while the food started to take effect. He then said he would get lunch for Liah and him which he did all by himself so I could sit and rest until the shakes went away. I really don't know what I would do without him lately. He is always such a big help.

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