Friday, August 24, 2012

Why I'm {Sort Of} Happy I Still Haven't Had This Baby

So......I'm still pregnant.  I'm not sure which is more hilarious, the fact that I tend to scare myself when I walk in front of a mirror or the look on my doctor's face when she has walked into the room for my appointment the past few weeks and acts completely surprised I have NOT had this baby yet.  She offered to break my water this week....but I declined.  I'm pretty sure I have gone completely insane!  It just didn't feel right and technically I'm not overdue for a few more days and so I decided to wait until after my due date to schedule anything.  Because I have gone so early with the last two it seems like I'm a month overdue right now!!!!  But I sit and I wait.  My doctor has had a few stints of time where she was out of town which was a tad worrisome.  I basically relaxed in bed or sat outside with my feet up and did absolutely nothing.  While I am feeling like I may be pregnant forever I have also seen the blessings that have come from this time of waiting.

  1. We have never had this time of being so completely prepared and just sitting and waiting.  Because this is number five we feel so relaxed about the whole process of labor, delivery, and having a new baby that this last month has been pretty enjoyable.
  2. I have spent some great cuddle moments with Lovebird this past week when she couldn't sleep.  Her not being the baby anymore doesn't seem as bad as it did a few weeks ago.  She seems to have made that switch from baby to toddler even more in these last weeks.
  3. Our house is in a good schedule of keeping picked up.  I'm not saying the house is spotless at all times but we can easily have the house "guest" ready in 30 minutes.  Laundry is on a good schedule and I'm keeping up with very little effort.  Clothes are being put away within hours of coming out of the dryer.
  4. There is no question if the baby's lungs are developed enough and we know that NICU won't have to be there at delivery as a precaution.  Even though we have never had a problem this is a good feeling.
  5. While I do feel like we have not spent as much time at the beach or the neighborhood pool this summer we have made other special memories.  Mini Golf, badminton, the slip and slide, and just playing in our backyard have filled our days.  It's nice to just sit outside and relax.
  6. It's kind of fun to feel like first time parents!!!  The not knowing and going against our usual pattern of having a baby is keeping things interesting!
  7. I've had plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming school year.  I have decided we are taking an extra week off than we had initially scheduled but because we have been doing part time school for most of the summer we are still sitting great and we should mark off that 180th day well before Memorial Day.
  8. Our kids have learned about patience and putting others needs first.  They understand that I'm not up to doing certain things right now.  The older two have also started taking on extra responsibilities around the house.  
  9. I have not really wanted to leave the house or really talk to people.  Not really like me but I'm so thankful for texting, email, and social media to keep in contact from a distance.  In this time I really have just wanted to spend time with my family and I'm seeing the benefits of just staying at home.  It kind of makes me want to get rid of all our phones and move to some remote place where we can just have good family fun with no distractions!
  10.  I have never been so ready to have a baby!!!!!  Because the last two came 4 weeks early I always felt really sad that things went by so fast and this time that has most definitely NOT been the case.  I did feel a little depressed because I felt like the whole summer has been waiting for baby but I quickly focused on all the fun things we can do this fall to make up for some of the things we didn't get to do this past summer because of pregnancy.  When this baby comes I know I won't have the feeling, "That pregnancy went so fast.".......because it didn't!  {smile} 

    Added Bonus!  I am going to have such a head start on working out those stomach muscles considering I've been having bouts of strong contractions for almost four weeks!!!! 

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