Monday, August 6, 2012

Waiting for Baby and Keeping Up on the House While Doing So

If you would have told me last Monday that I would still be pregnant one week later I would have told you that you were nuts.  Last Monday I went into my Dr. for my regular appointment but having contractions and it felt like it was going to be "the day".  She sent me over to the mall to do a few hours of walking and to see where things would go.  We walked, we shopped, and I grew more and more uncomfortable. We ended up going to a nearby cemetery to walk where there was shade and we could be alone without a bunch of people around.   I went back to be checked and still the same 4cm.  My Dr. could tell that I was contracting though and she believed I was in labor so I was sent to the hospital to be watched.  After more walking and harder contractions.......still at 4cm.  Now I normally have a baby within a few hours so this whole process was not normal for me and I was getting a tad frustrated.  For about an hour I was having painful contraction every two minutes and then..........everything halted.  I was still contracting but not nearly like I was......and I was still only 4cm.  I was sent home.  That night I finally got to sleep in between contractions and woke up the next morning feeling better than I had in weeks.  My Dr. is now out of town for a few days and so I'm really trying to make it until she gets back.  So we wait.
This time of waiting has actually been very relaxing and I think a huge part of that is because everything is done and the house is being kept up with very minimal amount of work.   Now we aren't doing our normal weekly cleaning schedule and just focusing on maintaining.  So after the baby comes I will probably have to spend a day dusting, doing windows, etc. but then I will be able to!!!
I have food in a bin on the counter and in the freezer so when "the day" does finally arrive I know my sister will have meals to feed the kids.  There are also lists and instructions waiting on top.  Can you tell that I didn't want to walk up the stairs to get fancier tape than the duct tape that was in the drawer closest to me?
The Aerobed and sheets are set out for my sister and her husband as they will stay overnight so Prince Charming can stay with me.
Now my kids are also a huge reason why things are going so smooth and why I'm making it through these 5 days of my Dr. being gone and trying not to have a baby.  I have given the older two each four areas to keep picked up.  This leaves me with the kitchen, our bedroom, meals, and keeping up on laundry.  B.W. is my muscles and he has been carrying all the laundry up and down the stairs.  We try to vacuum and swifter all the floors every 4-5 days or as needed.  Curly Bear has been doing a great job at keeping the kids bathroom counter and toilet clean.  Our pick up time only lasts for an hour and then we are done.  I have also been containing the kids to certain parts of the house which also keeps down on the mess.  Thankfully the Olympics has come at the perfect time for this season of not being able to do a lot!   I also try to take the kids outside if it's not too hot and I sit with my feet up and watch them play.  Again the big kids have been doing a great job at chasing after Lovebird for me while we are out.
This is my life saver in the kitchen.  When I was pregnant with Cuddlebug over the holidays and had all the holiday baking to do I found this counter height stool was a HUGE help to keep my standing at a minimum.  Now I still do a lot of standing in the kitchen but this really helps.  Especially when I'm halfway through cooking a meal and just want or need to sit down.
While I'm feeling like I may be pregnant forever it has been nice to be able to relax a little bit this last week and enjoy the end of pregnancy.  It's nice to enjoy the fruit of my labor from the last few months of organizing and setting some new schedules in place.  I feel like not only are we setting good for the upcoming arrival but also for the upcoming new school year and that feels fantastic!!!!

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