Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm Not Complaining

So for weeks I've tried to get back to blogging. I feel like I go straight from fall to spring. And partly that's because we did! The winter was so mild and we really didn't have much snow or cold. Being a hot weather person I am definitely not complaining. I must admit though that I just feel like my body can't figure out this new Midwest climate. I'm sure pregnancy isn't helping. My daffodils were up be the middle of March. Right now we are enjoying the colorful tulips.

On March 18th we were out playing mini golf........... with no jackets on.

Yes, on March 20th we had our first Family Beach Night. This is absurd! We normally are ecstatic if it is warm enough to start these by the middle of May! It was beautiful and the kids couldn't get enough sun, sand, and waves. It has cooled down in the past few weeks but most days still seem warmer than usual. I'll take this nice weather! I suppose if this is the new Midwest winter I may be able to handle it.

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