Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cuddlebug is 4!!!

The last week in March is always packed full with birthday celebrations for Prince Charming and Cuddlebug. This year was even crazier with Prince Charming and I leaving for California the day after Cuddlebug's birthday.
Despite the craziness Cuddlebug had a very fun day. It started with her breakfast choice of doughnuts and then she opened gifts.
She then got to be the only kid to get to come to the ultrasound to see the baby. A trip to the mall for a little clothes shopping was also included.

The night before we rented the roller rink and Cuddlebug had a ride in the big skate. This was something she wasn't sure about but when she was told that daddy could be the one to push her she jumped right in.
Skating with friends is always fun.
Skating with Daddy and friends is even better!
On the night of Cuddlebugs's birthday we took all the kids over to Grandma and Grandpa's to get settled in for the week that mommy and daddy would be gone and then we had cake. She went to Meijer and designed her cake herself. This girl knew what she wanted! Cuddlebug also wanted to go to Chuckee-Cheese but we just ran out of time. She was so understanding and agreed to go after we got back from California. Happy Birthday to our sweet and hilarious Cuddlebug!

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