Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Preschool Training

"Mommy, can I help?" is heard in my kitchen pretty much every day. It is always followed by, "Can you please get my stool?". Cuddlebug absolutely loves to help in the kitchen. I've learned after many years of homeschooling that the kitchen is the best classroom for this age. Yes it gets messy at times. There have been many eggs dropped on the floor, much flour thrown around, and many spills but in the end it's always worth it. Cuddlebug's favorite is to make cookies. This kid is just like her daddy and LOVES to eat the cookie dough left in the mixing bowl. She has asked many times to make cookie dough and not bake it just so she could have some dough. All the other kids enjoy eating the dough as well and we now have a "rotation" of who gets to lick the beaters and who has to settle for a spoonful. It's a unanimous vote in our house that it always tastes better straight off a beater.

Here Cuddlebug is watching the rhubarb cobbler bake. Another favorite in our house. Everyone loves it....except for me. Those are my favorite desserts to make because I know that I won't have to spend extra time on the elliptical afterward!

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  1. I have a few tips for when he blows his coat like that!
    To get his old coat out quickly (this is best if you can do it outside with a hot water hook up and a deep enough bath container because you will get a. lot. of. hair.) : Bath him in as hot of water as you can stand and that won't burn him. With water only- no need for soap - massage his body, really getting the water in. (hot water helps him release the dead coat; cold water helps to hang on to it.) Then blow dry with a hair dryer.
    You may have to do this a couple of times, but after that you should notice you don't have to brush him or vacuum twice a day. You may have to brush him only a few times a week. - Until the next time he blows his coat :)