Monday, April 4, 2011

Movin' On Up

Cuddlebug is moving up to the next level in gymnastics which means now she will go in without mommy or daddy. Her last class both mommy and daddy came in with her as a special treat.
I love Lovebird looking at her big sister. "I could so do that if they would let me try."
Cuddlebug's favorite.

So Prince Charming told Cuddlebug to go down the slide and stand up with her arms up. She decided to try that on the top of the slide.
Pencil roll gone haywire.
Parachute fun.
So the one thing I'm really going to miss about being in with Cuddlebug is that it keeps my eyes off of Curly Bear and all of her "Give Mommy a Heart Attack" skills. The last week of the session she started doing round offs off of the big beam.

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