Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Not Sure!!!!

So today is April 1st and I'm not sure!!!! What am I not sure about you ask? I'm not sure if I can take one more day of feeling cold! The older I get the more I despise Indiana weather. I'm so tired of feeling like I'm frozen from the inside out. One time somebody asked me why I always have some sort of jacket on and I replied, "Because with the jacket along with the three other layers under it I'm just above absolutely freezing!". I keep having people tell me that we are having some great spring days. Hmmmm......lets mosey on over to and get a report. Right now it is 39 with a chance of rain/snow mix later this evening. Seriously?!?!?! Oh and did I mention that I killed the first mosquito yesterday. Something really doesn't seem right to spray the kids down with bug spray, put on their winter attire, and send them out to play. Am I the only one who sees this?

I think I'm so done with the cold for the mere fact that now that Prince Charming works from home on top of homeschooling we have basically become hermits from the months of January to April. I basically would have to bribe myself with a trip to Starbucks just to get out and go grocery shopping. Did you know that kids will eat Udon noodles, peanut butter on tortilla shells because of no bread, and popcorn for lunch every day if you let them? It's harder to convince the husband this is a good lunch though. But when it comes down to him having to go to the grocery store he pulls up his chair and digs in. Oh, did I mention that Prince Charming doesn't handle cold either? Oh well. Someday it will be warm here again. But until then I'll be Praising God for the big, warm house that does its best to keep me warm. That doesn't mean I won't be dreaming of Florida just a tad though.

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