Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birth Story #4

Dr. Kirsch holding S.Z.

So birth #4 started out like H's birth in that we went into the Dr.s office to be checked to see if just maybe it was the day and were glad to find out I was already 5cm.. Half done!!! I knew that she would be born on Monday so I wasn't all that surprised. We headed over to the hospital to register and wait for Dr. Kirsch to come and break my water. As always once my water was broken things happened fast. Labor seemed much easier this time and I was smiling between contractions all the way up until it was time to push. Once pushing began I thought maybe something wasn't right and after 30 minutes of pushing I knew something wasn't right. This had been a very stubborn baby when it came to turning into the right position and she was continuing to be stubborn it appeared. My nurse couldn't believe that she had just turned from breech position 6 days earlier. Well after an hour of very frustrating and painful pushing S was born. She had decided that she wanted to keep her hand up by her face while being born and that is why things took much longer than with the last. She still always has that hand up by her face when she sleeps. But in the end we had a healthy baby and that is all that matters.

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