Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friends and Birthdays

So we have finally embarked on the world of friends staying the night. B has been to friends houses before to stay the night but this was his first as the host. Let me be the first to say.....IT WAS A BLAST!!!! Now I don't think this was really fair since Br and N are such great kids and to be honest I think I could have these two live with us all the time! The night was filled with pizza, video games, cake, video games, presents, Lego's, video games, a movie, and a little more video games. Please note that all these boys have limited media time so the idea of no limit was fun in itself! It's so funny to watch 3 boys who are all first born try to decide on a movie to watch. (Note to self: Next time go rent the latest hit that everyone will be ecstatic about.) It was funny to see how they all had their own little coercion methods they have perfected on younger siblings. Here in this arena though it was a tough sale. They finally decided on Wall-E.....or maybe I did but they did all enjoy it....I think.
All day on B's birthday I was feeling a little sad that he was already 9. I love seeing him grow up and experience life but I really can't believe how fast it's going. It also didn't help when I realized he's at the half way mark to 18. Half way!!! Once his friends came over though I saw the fun in having an older kid. I can remember when B was little and we would have play dates and I would be counting down the hours until it was time for friends to go home. They were always fun but when you add in more toddlers you are also adding in work. This time I found myself wishing we would have had everyone come earlier and leave later. The time flew by!
I want to be the house where we always have friends over and I think this is the beginning of that season. It won't be long until we have teenagers in the house. 4 years???? I think I'm going to have an anxiety attack when I see that written down. I'm sure THAT will be a hard birthday but then I will come to see the fun in that as well!

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