Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Family Night: Farm Fun

I can't believe this family night happened over a month ago!!! It seems like it was just yesterday we were rushing around the house trying to make it to the farm before it closed. This was a very spontaneous trip. We usually always go to this farm instead of trick or treating. We don't celebrate Halloween but we wanted to find some kind of alternative that 1.)Really was an alternative, and 2.) Would be a ton of fun! This is definitely it! Unfortunately the forecast for the day of Halloween was rainy, cold, and rainy. The Tuesday before was absolutely gorgeous though. So after gymnastics we ran home and rushed around to get ready.
This was the new favorite! The big jumping pillow was a great addition to the farm and was most definitely a load of fun! While I was taking a pic of B above I can not stop laughing at L in the background. Unfortunately I didn't get her expression but I can imagine that big smile on her face as she was bounced up in the air by big brother.

Can you tell that L was having a great time?!?!

Then it was off to the hay and corn playground. B loves this part.

H on the other hand thought they were all crazy.

Here was H's favorite part. The barn!!! She loved petting the horsey and looking at the chickens and bunnies.

Here L is testing out her driving skills.

B enjoyed the pedal cars again this year. L tried so hard to ride one of these but her legs were just a tad to short. On her one lap around I think J had to run out and give her a push about five times. L was very frustrated that she couldn't ride again. Then it was back to the.........

JUMPING PILLOW!!! H couldn't climb up the side of it but she loved sitting on the edge while the other kids bounced her up and down. Well I think she would've if she had wanted to but it made her a little nervous.

Oh and if for any reason they stopped jumping she would let them know that it was unacceptable.

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