Monday, April 13, 2009

Books, Books, and a Few More Books

I really don't think we can get any more books. Every evening I usually pick up Bibles, school books, picture books, board books, programming books, J's new stock market books, along with other various books that make their way up or down into the Living room. Did I mention that this is the job that has to be done before I reward snuggling up with a good book.

H has already started adding to the pile of books. She loves to make her way over to her little basket of toys and pull out all of her new birthday books. The Hungry Caterpillar is her favorite. I think she likes it because it's the perfect size for her to lay back and hold.

And this is how you will normally find B when he's reading. I have no idea why!!!
So I know that I said we didn't need any more books but I know it's a habit that will never be broken. This Saturday I'm suppose to go to an Usborne party. Not the place for a book addict to be!!!

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  1. Baby cows are so precious, I cannot wait to see them. We have not gone out to the farm yet this spring - these pictures were taken by the farmer. We were supposed to go out Sunday, but I had forgotten about our family dinner. It's just as well, because I was hardly walking on Sunday and Bronwen had a bad cough. Would not have wanted to be out there in that cold rain!

    I have got to do something more with my Usborne business so I can get more books too! Most of our books have been packed away for so long, I really miss them. That reminds me of a Seinfeld where Jerry questions this obsession with books and having them around the house etc. He says if you've already read it, what's the point of keeping it? Funny, but he obviously does not know the joy of the friendship of books!