Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Could This Be........

Could this be the last time we get to play in the snow this winter???
H wasn't too thrilled with being outside in the cold at first but then loved being pulled around on her sled.
She also loved watching and laughing at the older two fall off their tubes.

"Um, when are we going back to Florida???"

The kids soon realized that if you leaned too far you would tip the tube.

H quickly learned that if she leaned forward she would go faster when being pulled down hill.

B is learning how to snowboard.

He actually made it all the way down a couple of times without falling.

L also wanted to give it a try and she had great balance.

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  1. We saw at least 5 more houses tonight and the last one (which was one of the first ones we wanted to see, but couldn't get an appointment) is the one we most liked. We made an offer tonight, so we may know by as early as Tuesday evening! I'll keep you updated.