Friday, February 22, 2008

I can't believe I did this.

So today I took the kids out. We had absolutely no milk, no bread, no fruit (except for the 4 brown bananas sitting on my counter that may be too gone for even banana bread), and no vegetables. I figured I should probably make a trip to the store. Now I have not been taking the kids grocery shopping for a couple of reasons, 1.)I just don't have the energy to push the cart with any children in or hanging on the cart. 2.)It seems like every time I go the weather is awful. 3.) I really have been trying to keep my kids out of public places as much as possible with all the sickness going around. Well this morning I didn't have a choice so first we went to Panera to get bagels for breakfast and then off to the grocery store. Now I know that I'm a germaphobe. (Is that an actual term?) I used to not be this way but when I was pregnant with Liah, Josh and I came down with a severe case of the flu which had us in bed for two weeks and took months to finally feel completely better. Being pregnant again I've noticed that I have been extra cautious. Going into this shopping trip I prayed the whole way that we wouldn't pick up any germs and I had my poor kids wash their hands with antibacterial gel about a hundred times. After we got back home and had lunch it was time for Liah to go lay down for quiet time. I then realized that she had been sitting in a grocery cart and was about to get into bed. I was so tired from the trip and my interrupted sleep from the night before that changing her clothes seemed like too much work so I then did something that I can't believe I'm writing down. I LYSOLED MY CHILDREN! Now it was not like I sprayed all over them but definitely Liahs back side and Blake got a squirt as well. So hopefully my kids will stay well. Now I completely understand that there are germs in the air but I figured making them wear masks in the stores would be a little overboard. I'm not crazy after all!


  1. Wow, Kristine! You take this war on germs to a whole new level.

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for the prayers I'm sure you're saying for me. Josh stayed home yesterday to help with the kids (I can't lift anything much heavier than Annabelle.)I didn't get a headache until today. But it could have been so much worse, so I am very grateful. We don't know the damage to the car yet. It looks like just the plastic bumper.
    I was going to go to Sufficient grounds last night if this hadn't happened. But do count me in for Wednesday next week.
    Hope you are feeling well and getting things accomplished.