Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This is the day the Lord has made

While I still feel like I'm not getting as much done as I should I think I am FINALLY starting to feel better! This has been such a fun and exciting day. The work has finally begun on fixing our drainage problem in our yard. Or at least they're bringing in al the equipment today. When we bought the house we knew we wanted to have this fixed so we could actually make the side yard into a Real Yard. I never thought this would be happening only a year after moving in since we still have other things to finish but it is. The reason it is happening is because the city said they would fix the problem since it is the drainage easement for the neighborhood on this side of Blair Hills. Did I mention that this is being fixed FREE OF CHARGE to us!!! This is the reason this is being fixed now and not years down the road. The company that is coming out is very friendly and has even agreed to pull out a stump and bushes quick before they leave with the big backhoe. We will still have to dispose of all that stuff but who cares. This is going to save us a good two weekends worth of yard work. I will be posting pics soon. Josh was like a kid at Christmas! We also have started carving our pumpkins which was a fun project and we will finish them after Josh and I come home from Date Night.


  1. How Awesome is that!?! I love to see how the Lord works with things like this.