Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Adventure Beach Night 2013

As usual our Adventure Beach Night was chosen for us.  Adventure Beach Night is when for some reason we can't do our usual lounging like beach bums and have to find something else to do.  This night the wind was blowing so hard that the sand was stinging your legs......or chest and face if you were only 3 feet tall.  The waves were also huge so it was a red flag day.  So we found some dunes that blocked the wind and just let the kids run up and down.  Sidenote:  Curly Bear had just been to get a haircut and they straightened her hair.  She loved it!!!!!!
Lovebird was not so sure about climbing too high.
Yes, this is a selfie pic. of all seven of us. No, we didn't color match on purpose.  No photoshopping was done!
Curly Bear had pretty much the best photo bomb ever.  We had no idea she was doing this.
Then she did it again!!!!

It was a great Adventure Beach Night!!!

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