Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swim Lessons 2012

The older kids look forward to swim lessons all winter.  They love Ms. Grace!  They also love looking for the pet tortoise that roams around their yard!  Cuddlebug took lessons this summer too and at first was not excited about it but by the end couldn't wait to go.

No, their teacher is not yelling at them.  She is cheering for them.  Listening to swim lessons always makes me smile.  I love how encouraging she is. 
B.W. has a pretty mean freestyle.  Curly Bear's favorite stroke is the breaststroke.  Both kids don't care for the backstroke because they both are worried about hitting their heads on the wall.  Ms. Grace taught them how to count their strokes but they still would always be looking back.
Lovebird joined the lessons the second week.  She fell in love with Ms. Grace's daughter, Laura.

Cuddlebug made such an improvement over the two weeks.  The first day she was terrified.  By the end she was diving to the bottom to get toys with a little help from Ms. Grace.
More importantly she became much more comfortable in the water which means it's much easier to take all the kids to the pool by myself!  The kids might take a few more weeks later in the summer or early fall.

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