Saturday, December 24, 2011

Searching Out the Small Blessings

Today is Christmas Eve. By looking out the window it looks more like the beginning of Spring but I'll take that sunshine! So our house has been hit with a nasty stomach bug that is sweeping through the entire family. We hardly ever get sick and when any germ enters our house it is usually always contained to just 1 or 2 people. So needless to say that today is not feeling very cheery. But today the Lord has shown me many small blessings.

1.) We are blessed to be able to have a house with 3 bathrooms. I don't think I need to elaborate on that one.

2.) We are blessed that Lovebird has had a very mild case so far and are praying it stays that way. Mommy is not up to taking care of an extremely sick baby......and neither is Daddy.

3.) We are blessed that our children have handled the disappointment of canceling all of our Christmas plans with complete understanding. I think I may be more upset than they are!

4.) I am so thankful for the beautiful sunshine. While I know that many are upset that we are not having a white Christmas, I REALLY needed to see the sun shine today.

5.) I am so thankful for Netflix and Apple TV.

6.) I am so thankful that my kids are just as excited for our Chicken Noodle soup Christmas Eve dinner than they were for the Turkey one.

7.) I am thankful that my mom risked the germs to bring over more soup, Gatorade, Saltines, and Popsicles. Mosheh and Gershom are thankful that she took them outside!

8.) We are blessed that despite everyone not feeling 100% we still get to spend the holidays with each other.

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