Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Big First Birthday

Lovebird enjoyed a very relaxing first birthday that included snacking on her favorite snacks, reading books, going for a walk, taking some pictures, and getting to eat her first slice of cheese pizza. We then had a few family members come over for cake and gifts.
The "easy" cake I had planned turned out to be a tad more difficult than expected but the end result was great.
The birthday girl changed into her "cake eating" outfit and was all set. Yes there were a few wardrobe changes throughout the night because mommy couldn't decide on just one outfit. So there was a "Meet my Guests" outfit, a "cake eating" outfit, and then a casual "End the Night" outfit. It did feel a little Academy Award but she was cute in them all.
"Ummmm......why are you setting my cake on fire?"
"Oh dear, now they're singing.....all on different keys."
"Maybe if I clap for them they will stop."
"Oh good, the clapping worked."
Now I wish I could say that she dove in.......but she barely touched the thing. It may have been she was full from her earlier dinner of her first piece of cheese pizza or maybe she just wanted to be a lady and not make a pig of herself but she didn't smear cake everywhere like I was expecting.
I think she was more concerned about getting back to work on her new laptop.

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