Monday, August 29, 2011

Catch Up: {Curly Bear Turns 7}

Curly Bear had a great birthday. There were a TON of activities planned. The festivities started the night before with cake and some gift opening.
I was convinced by my husband that because we were leaving for the cottage the next day that buying a cake would be easier and much more practical. He had seen this cake a few days earlier at the store and thought the birthday girl would love it so I ordered it just in time. She did love it!
Curly Bear got to open a few of her gifts.
She loved what her big brother picked out for her. Ahhh...they do love each other.
The next morning it was time for the big gift.

O.K., so it is a very little "big" gift but you can tell by the face that it was a huge surprise.

I think we now own almost one of everything from the Apple store. The iPod was put to use immediately on the drive up to the cottage.
We met Uncle B and Aunt K and immediately started the joint birthday festivities. The birthday buddies of course picked House of Flavors for lunch.

We then headed to AJ's for a game of laser tag.

And to end the day Curly Bear got to have a good laugh at the Dance Revolution rematch. I can't begin to describe how hilarious this was. I think 7 is going to be a great year for Ms. Curly Bear.

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