Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Morning Recap

Let us recap this fine Tuesday morning in the O house.
  • spilled OJ all over the living room window seat.....and I will not even mention the fact that just last evening someone was in HUGE trouble for spilled fruit punch on same said window seat
  • Cereal trail from pantry all the way to the above mentioned window seat....apparently baby sister wanted to see if the suspect would share said juice
  • completely forgot the dog outside and also forgot to feed him.....pretty sure he'll survive
  • half a roll of toilet paper shoved in kids bathroom toilet
  • 2 year old who tried to shampoo her hair.......without water.....not in the bathtub.....in her pajamas
  • house that was completely spotless just one week ago is....well...not anymore
  • have done a little school but not nearly finished
Can I just go back to bed? Please!

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