Thursday, November 19, 2009

Seasons Changing

H trying to keep up with the big kids.

So now that H is 18 months old and it was when B was 18 months old that I started staying home full time it makes me so grateful that I can be with my children all the time now. Even though I was only working a couple of days once B was born it was still hard to not be with him. I can remember having these same thoughts when L hit that big 1.5 mark.

This past summer I spent a lot of time thinking about how things used to be before homeschooling entered the picture. I can't believe how different my life looked. I can remember meeting D and the boys at the mall and playing for hours. I even remember one time we got stuck there because of a tornado warning. I remember being huddled in a hallway with our kids and about 20 other complete strangers. Oh and it got really interesting when K had to nurse and there wasn't much of a choice! I remember trying to hold a blanket up for D to give her some sort of privacy among our new "friends". Ahhh, great memories. Oh, and there was a tornado that went through right by the apartment we were living in at the time. I was praising the Lord we had been at the mall! I remember Mom's Group field trips and lunches. For some reason one of my fondest Mom's group memories is packing up the old church for the move to the new. I also remember going to get our family picture taken for the new directory and that morning I had found out I was pregnant with L and every time I saw anyone I just wanted to shout,"I'm pregnant!!!". I did keep the secret....that day. I must admit that there were times this past summer I felt a little depressed thinking about those "good old days". The cold summer also didn't help!

But now our family is in a new season. A season filled with new learning opportunities. A season that is just as fun...but very different. It's so funny because when I first started this post I was going to title it "If I Could Go Back" but that is not what I'm wanting. I don't have any regrets. OK so maybe I wish I would have realized when B was little how fast he was going to grow up. I notice that with H I am very aware of that. Even though I do see the fun in this season I also feel the exhaustion of it. I'm tired. This season of homeschooling, homemaking, homechurch......I NEED TO GET OUT!!! This extrovert needs to be extroverting! OK so now I think I may be making up words. Is extroverting a word?
Well today I start another 90 day Bible Study with three other women and I'm so excited about it! I feel like in the next 90 days the Lord is going to do some amazing things in all of our lives. It's so nice to not only be doing an intense study but to also have the opportunity to get together and discuss. Last night we got together for the first time and it was fun to fellowship and discuss. The next get together there won't be as much casual talk but more discussing what we've been reading and I'm just as excited to do that. It was in the midst of this same study last year that the Lord changed the direction of what He was calling our family to do and I can't wait to see what happens this time! OK so I'm also a little nervous about what we may be called to do next....but I know it will be great!

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