Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One Year Check

So H had her one year check today and she made it to 18lbs and almost reached the tenth percentile. Yeah!!! The Dr. said we still need to keep an eye on development since she still isn't up on all fours crawling but he thinks she will catch up. He says we need to remember she was born 4 weeks early and that is considered a preemie so she does have a little catching up to do. I always forget this fact. She has quite a fast army crawl though and when she can find something low enough she is trying to pull herself up in the last couple of weeks. She doesn't like the feeling as though she is going to fall which I'm sure isn't a good thing when learning how to walk. We also think we found our solution to her extreme constipation. Apple Juice....seems to do the trick better than anything else I have tried.

Here she is attempting to crawl or maybe even stand up.


  1. Yeah Hannah!!
    She is so, so beautiful :)
    Monday evening should work for me. After the kids are in bed?

  2. Kristine, Hannah is looking so different. I don't know if I would have recognized her. I'm happy that you guys are enjoying springtime...finally! :)

    Happy Easter!